Best Guns In Valorant

Best Guns In Valorant. With consistent damage at most ranges, the vandal is the perfect gun to dominate the corners of the maps in valorant. Some of the best guns in valorant, the rifle class is not to be underestimated.

The best guns in Valorant Gamepur
The best guns in Valorant Gamepur from

To learn more about every gun, from their spray patterns to their stats, head to our dedicated valorant weapons page. This silenced assault rifle has higher accuracy than the vandal. The gun is versatile for any range because of its high fire rate and 30 mag bullet capacity.

Here Are The Best Weapons To Use In Valorant.

Although the glitchpop and elderflame skins beat it in appearance, the prime still does the job for me. Best pistol in valorant recommendation: There’s been a long debate about which gun being better among vandal &.

The Cheapest Of All The Rifles, The Bulldog Is A Great Budget Option For Someone Who Wants Something With A Little More Of A Punch Than An Smg.

If you’re looking for the best agents in the current meta (including team comp recommendations by map) head to our valorant agent tier list. One of the greatest assualt rifle phantom. S, a, b, and c.

This Silenced Assault Rifle Has Higher Accuracy Than The Vandal.

However, it should be pretty plain to see that there are better options in the price range of both of them. Defining each tier in valorant. The spectre is the best smg available in valorant, and by far outperforms the closely related stinger in every category besides price and fire rate.

Best Sniper Rifle In Valorant Recommendation.

Best smg in valorant recommendation: By default, the odin is the better of the two machine guns in valorant. The classic pistol is one of the few guns that benefited from the addition of the blaster space guns in valorant.

The First 5 To 6 Bullets Of Vandal Is Very Accurate Which Is Good For Short Burst Headshot.

In this list of valorant guns tiers, we’ve broken each weapon down into one of four tiers: Sidearms, smgs, shotguns, rifles, snipers and heavies. Some of the best guns in valorant, the rifle class is not to be underestimated.

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