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Bucky Valorant. Bucky is one of the two shotguns available in valorant. The bucky is a cheap yet powerful shotgun in valorant.

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Despite Its Budget, The Bucky Can Still Blow Away Enemies In A Single Blast At The Right Range, And The Lack Of Expense Leaves You With A Larger Purse For Utility And Abilities.

The patch notes for the new valorant update have officially been released, and some big changes can shake up the agent meta and more viable team comps in the competitive scene. In very close range and with the right aim, you. The set's guns come with three variants each, in white, red and green.

There Are Different Levels That Changes The Look Of The Skin, It Costs […]

Bucky has good damage, slow fire rate, and low wall penetration and 5 mag size. It is quite popular due to its unique theme and great visual effects. This updated guide will teach you how to use the bucky shotgun in valorant.in this valorant bucky guide.

For One Shot One Kill;

Bucky is one of the two shotguns available in valorant. Heavy but stable, bucky’s primary fire is for holding tight corners or charging close quarters. The oni bucky valorant skin was added to the game on july 21st, 2020, as a part of the oni collection.

Valorant Weapons Guide Bucky Valorant Update.

19 obtainable + 1 standard. The gravitational uranium neuroblaster bucky is sold as a individual skin for 1775 valorant points or as a part of the gravitational uranium neuroblaster bundle for 7100 valorant points. Alternate fire strikes targets at medium range.

The Patch Also Gives The Bucky Its Biggest Nerf Yet.

Images of bucky schema player card with detailed information about it. Released on june 9th, the set has a modern theme with a black, gold and green design. Both agents were desperate for an update, and riot.

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