Fracture Map Valorant

Fracture Map Valorant. The developer of valorant, riot games, today revealed the latest upcoming map, fracture. Valorant’s episode 3 act 2 patch adds the new map fracture, which has unique attacker and defender spawns.

A travel guide to VALORANT's new map, Fracture
A travel guide to VALORANT's new map, Fracture from

However, due to the round design of the map, the defender side spawn is right in the middle of the map. It is set in a kingdom facility in earth 1, housing beneath it a radian collider. The developer of valorant, riot games, today revealed the latest upcoming map, fracture.

Is The Fracture Map Coming In Valorant Episode 3 Act 2?

According to popular valorant data miner @valorleaks, a new map named fracture is coming in episode 3 act 2. We’ve used our extensive database of valorant stats along with proprietary algorithms to create the best statistical build guide for fracture. Valorant players often find it difficult to understand new maps, such as the latest one, fracture, right before they’re released.

Following A Tweet Decode From The Officials, A Valorant New Map Fracture Has Surfaced On The Internet, Leaked By Mike From Valorleaks.

Duelist players can find lots of open spaces to roam around and eliminate their opponents. Wallbang) one crate on b site is no longer pennable. Like most maps, it features two sites for the spike.

The Map Is Designed To Encourage Aggressive Defender.

These are of the best wall boost spots. Fracture is the seventh map to be added to valorant and from my time in the preview, i can tell you it feels unlike any riot games has released before. Similar to the ingenuity behind icebox and breeze, riot developers have aimed to be creative and take a bunch of unconventional twists when designing fracture.

Our Algorithm Calculates Useful Statistics Such As The Best Plant Site Based On Pick And.

Fracture arrives in reflection, act valorant: Please consider subscribing to my channel, thank you. Fracture has 2 bombsites, a & b, both of which can be attack from front and.

Most Of Us Don't Want To Play This Map But Its Really Ez To.

Do valorant pros like fracture? Fracture is the 7th released playable map of valorant. The map is designed for unique gameplay with ziplines across the map to facilitate the attackers to attack from both the front and back ends of a site.

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