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Guardian Valorant. The best valorant guardian skins. Ruining immortals with the guardian.

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The guardian is unique for being the only semi automatic rifle, and having a 1.5x zoom, as well as the highest damage per bullet compared to any other rifles. There's also the fact that the guardian has only a potential. The skin comes with three variants in black, red and purple.

The Ego Guardian Is A Valorant Skin That Costs 1775 Vp

Guardian gets an update and maps get some bug fixes. Act 1 battlepass and was released on jan 12th 2021. Run 5.40 5.40 m/s walk 3.23 3.23.

Siege Team Alpha Holt Sich Den Sieg Im Veritas Tournament Nr.2 Und Der Dream League, Sowie Den Zweiten Platz Im 4Tuna Cup!

The guardian's patterns at every distance. Guardian vandal hs damage in 50 m 195 156 in 50 m dps 1,024 1,521 head 341 390 body 257 322 legs. It features a design where black and purple take over the whole weapon’s surface, with a few details that make it seem to be used for “stealth warriors,” like modern ninjas.

The Valorant Infinity Guardian Is Part Of The Formation:

Jlumfps(@jlumfps), od26(@_od26), mrpequin(@mrpequin), od26(@_od26), wahoo(@wahoopunchh). The reaver guardian skin was added to valorant on november 3rd, 2020, as a part of the reaver collection. With this extra zoom, you can get a good view further away and really aim for the head.

Iirc The Sheriff And Guardian Have The Same Movespeed When Out, Since The Sheriff Has A Movement Penalty To About That Of Rifles To Keep It From Being Completely Busted.

Team guardians r6:s alpha winning streak. Naturally, it is a part of the prime collection and we love this because it shares the name with the s. The valorant spectrum guardian is part of the spectrum bundle and was released on sept 8th 2021 for 2,675 vp.

Equip 1.0 1.0 Sec Reload 2.5 2.5 Sec.

This guide will teach you how to use the guardian in this valorant guardian guide i. One of three new sets for the battlepass, the infinity skins feature a clean matte green finish as well as three variants each. Magazine 12 25 bullets more 3 3 magazines bullets 48 100 total.

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