Neon Valorant Agent

Neon Valorant Agent. Fire two energy lines forward on the ground that extend a short distance or until they hit a surface. Neon’s first look had away many players feeling scared, but the new agent 19 may not be as overpowered as she seems.

Meet Neon, Valorant’s new highspeed agent
Meet Neon, Valorant’s new highspeed agent from

Valorant's new agent neon (image: Neon is a cool and stylish filipina imbued with electric powers. Neon players will typically take the role of a leader, making fast decisions that the rest of the team must work off of.

Neon, The Lightning Fast Agent From Manila, Shocks The World With Her Arrival In Valorant And Sparks Intrigue Among Filipinos With How This All Came To Be.

Neon is expected to release as part of valorant’s episode 4, act 1, which is due to launch next week, jan. Neon is valorant’s 19th agent. Neon is valorant’s newest agent and her ability kit will allow her to sprint across maps, concuss enemies, create static walls, and shoot a beam of electricity with her ultimate.

Valorant On Twitter Has Officially Teased Their Next Up And Coming Agent, Neon Following A Prime Gaming Leak Which Raised Speculations Of Agent 19 To Be The One As Shown In The Leaks.

Neon players will typically take the role of a leader, making fast decisions that the rest of the team must work off of. In an exclusive interview, justin hulog and john goscicki share the development process to unveil how cultural representation is vital in the games we play. The article discusses the first look of valorant's fastest agent neon.

Quicker Than Lightning, Neon Can Sprint And Slide To Catch Her Enemies By Surprise.

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Neon’s First Look Had Away Many Players Feeling Scared, But The New Agent 19 May Not Be As Overpowered As She Seems.

It was later confirmed by the game developers as the latter blessed the community with a first look of the brand new agent, expected to arrive as a part of the episode 4 act 1 on. Her kit is centralised around her ability to harness electricity as well as her speediness. Valorant’s newest speed demon neon is finally here.

Valorant Champions Promo Showcased A Teaser On Neon.

According to the developers, the next valorant agent will be released in the final act of the current episode. All details of new agent neon. Neon is going to be the first agent to represent the philippines.

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