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Shotguns Valorant. The change increases the spread of all shotguns when they are used midair. Either one has enormous damage making up for their relatively short range.

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However, this is an upgrade that costs additional 15 radianite points. The price of bucky shotgun is 900 credits. Beginner’s guide to valorant weapons.

Overall Bucky Is A Good Budget Shotgun To Use For Holding Defensive Angle.

The valorant weapons arsenal is an intricately, painstakingly crafted repository of destructive potential. Bucky the bucky comes with a rather wide spread and sometimes two hits will need to be required in order to take down an opponent. Valorant has two shotguns, each vastily different from each other.

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Shotguns in valorant are characterized by a huge spread, and are generally effective at short distances. The skin is available since july 9, 2020. The shorty is definitely a solid option for economy rounds.

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And perhaps more so than in most other fps games, you really need to know what you're doing with them. While you can certainly lurk and catch players unaware with a shotty, it’s so much harder to execute well than a well placed ar or op shot. Every agent has access to the same guns and shields in their shop.

But If You’re Up Close To Your Opponent, It Should Be A Definite Kill.

If you are set on using one, go with the bucky, as it can be great for quickly dealing with single targets in close quarters. Some weapons are simply better than others in valorant. Our valorant weapons guide will offer up detailed stats on each of the 17 different.

It Might Have A Burst.

This is where the similarity between the two shotguns in the game ends. The bucky is one of valorant’s two shotguns, and normally players have to sit through a long reload after they use the weapon’s five chambered rounds. The bulldog is the cheapest rifle in valorant.

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