Valorant Act 4 Release Date

Valorant Act 4 Release Date. When does valorant episode 4 act 1 come out? Valorant’s episode four, act two is likely to start on march 22.

Valorant Act 2 Gets Release Date and Free for All
Valorant Act 2 Gets Release Date and Free for All from

Here's all we know regarding valorant episode 4 act 1! And following the chinese new year theme, the night market will be available on the february 1, 2022. This date coincides with the end of valorant episode 3 act 3.

According To Riot Games, Valorant Episode 4 Will Begin On Tuesday, January 11Th, 2022, Or Wednesday, January 12Th, Depending On Your Region.

Players will be able to enjoy a new home screen when loading into the game for the 1st time after episode 4 act 1 launches. Valorant episode 4 release date. Valorant act 4 episode 2 is still a decent bit away, as we can expect the next major update to not release for another few months.

Maybe Sometime Around March Or April Is When It'll Release.

While the release date is still speculative, valorant episode 4 is on track for january 12th, 2022 as of now. An agent or new map. This date coincides with the end of valorant episode 3 act 3.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 1:

Another new bundle has been officially revealed by valorant officials and the tigris skin bundle will arrive soon in the game, with 4 weapon skins and of course, a knife. It’s unlikely that the release will push past january, fans need only wait under a month to be able to play. And since 2022 is the year of the tiger, the night market theme for this act is also the tiger.

So, That’s The Day When The Current Battle Pass Will Leave The Game, So Make Sure To Complete Your Progress If You Are Still Behind.

Here's everything you need to know about the valorant episode 3 act 3! Depending on your region, the update might not. Release date, new agent, patch notes and more.

Valorant's Next Major Update Should Arrive When They Release Episode 4 Act 1 In The Coming Weeks, As This Will Be Riot's Next Chance To Make Big Changes Into The Game.

Between april 26 to june 21; Each new act usually introduces either; With most acts lasting around eight weeks, a potential release date points to the last week of march.

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