Valorant Elderflame

Valorant Elderflame. The elderflame judge is a valorant skin that costs 2475 vp The skins come at a price though, which is hardly surprising these days.

Best VALORANT skins from 2020 Valorant News
Best VALORANT skins from 2020 Valorant News from

New elderflame skins come to valorant. This dragon is fully animated, with players holding on to the back legs, and has a wide range of animations for different actions. The skin is available since july 9, 2020.

This Dragon Is Fully Animated, With Players Holding On To The Back Legs, And Has A Wide Range Of Animations For Different Actions.

Gamers who opt to buy valorant accounts that contain elderflame gun skins can enjoy the bundle’s seemingly alive guns. The valorant elderflame skin collection is a premiere skin collection that at the time of release is the most expensive skin set available. The valorant elderflame bundle can be purchased for 9900 valorant points and will include all the skins and extra items (spray, player card and gunbuddy).

Preeti Khanolkar (Producer) And Sean Marino (Art Lead) Are Back!

Significantly higher than the elderflame collection gun skins by 200 valorant points.the spectrum waveform melee weapon costs 5350 valorant points, joint first with the champions 2021 karambit knife. Valorant has received a lot of flack for its skin pricing, with current expensive sets costing upwards of $70. All valorant elderflame bundle gun skins.

A Twitter Handle Named “Valorant Leaks And Updates”, Presented The Potential Cost Of This Skin Pack.

The ultra edition skins are a tier below the exclusive edition, which might just turn out to be the most expensive. Available in the store 7/ valorant: With it, you can potentially bathe the battlefield with fire.

The Elderflame Judge Is A Valorant Skin That Costs 2475 Vp

Elderflame vandal · variant 1 red. At a price of 10,700 valorant points, the spectrum gun skins individually cost 2675 valorant points, which are the most expensive gun skins in the game; The entire elderflame bundle will be the most expensive valorant skin bundle yet.

The Different Variations Can Be Seen Below.

The elderflame skin set turns guns into animated. Get the valorant elderflame knife skin for free by using our skin changer tool. Unleash the dragon’s fire with the elderflame’s finisher move.

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