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Valorant Haven. Our database contains match data from millions of valorant games played each patch. The map features three different bomb sites, a rare occurrence or even unheard of in tactical shooters.

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With numerous corners and entry doors to the sites, haven is a perfect map to learn how to control your movements and create innovative strategies. Aim the ends of the wall at the close green box and the backsite green box. This new map layout makes gameplay in haven very interesting since attackers can choose between three different sites to.

Each Map Has A Unique Gimmick, And Haven’s Third Site Gimmick Perhaps Has The Largest Effect On Overall Strategy From Either A Defensive Or Attacking Perspective.

In addition it is also used to discuss. On paper, a third site should benefit the attacking side, as it forces the defenders to split their forces three. Haven is one of the available maps for valorant.

And As Like Other Maps, There Are Some Best Valorant Agents For This Map Too As Agents Are Useful In Their Own Ways.

Haven is one of the more interesting maps in the valorant map pool. Just be careful of enemies waiting in the multiple corners in cubby, loggs, plat, connector and all of the boxes on the. Explore the latest videos from hashtags:

The Map Features Three Different Bomb Sites, A Rare Occurrence Or Even Unheard Of In Tactical Shooters.

It has countless open areas and locations that force long. Haven is one of three maps currently available during the valorant closed beta. Discover short videos related to valorant haven on tiktok.

Valorant Agent Stats Haven Map:

Each map has a unique gimmick, and haven’s third site gimmick perhaps has the largest effect on overall strategy from either a. You can plant for long while your teammates hold the wall for anyone trying to push through. Aim the ends of the wall at the closer edges of the a link and c link doorways.

Haven Is A Very Special Map Since There Are 3 Sites To Plant The Spike :

Map guide, spike sites, callouts, interactive and more! Use this cosmic divide to cut off the right side of c from the left. If all goes well, the valorant team might activate ranked mode after the hotfix!

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